What's New
List of recent changes
version 1.19 (2018, April 11th):
  • added new units: Yuna, Lulu, Seymour and their TMRs: Nirvana, Onion Knight, Yevon's Wisdom
  • added new units: Lotus Mage Fina, Kunshira, Wadow, Erwin and their TMRs: Hairpin of Purity, Nature Loving Spellblade, Mystic Sash, Hyomonto
  • added new units: Explorer Aileen, Divine Soleil, Pharaoh Abel, Lara Croft and their TMRs: Tomb Raider, Ankh of Goddess, Power of the Sands, Croft's Intuition
  • added new units: Beatrix, Eiko, Steiner, Black Waltz 3 and their TMRs: Save The Queen (FF9), Angel Flute, Excalibur II, Black Impulse
  • added new units: Aranea, Prompto and their TMRs: Stoss Spear, Mood Maker
  • added esper Leviathan ★★, Siren ★★★, Ifrit ★★★
  • added items from Gagazet: Maester's Robe, Variable Mog, Power of Purification, Art of Purification
  • added items from The Kanshou And Bakuya: Kanshou Great Sword, Bakuya Sword
  • added items from Imperial Infiltration: Valiant, Valiant II, Chobham Armor, Assist Suit, Precision Lance, A1-Class Powershield, Aranea's Helm
  • added items from Alexandria Castle: Tin Helm, Mog's Ribbon, Spirit, Girder, Knights of Pluto Uniform, Air Racket, Beatrix's Eyepatch
  • added items from Tomb of the Silversmith: Icy Death, Onyx Spirit of Ra, Toxic Shotgun, Flamethrower, Gold Ring of Set, Staff of Osiris, Automatic Pistols
  • added items from Pride of Gungan: Lumiere, Butler's Uniform
  • added items from The Legendary Stag: Asfales, L Shield Arts, Cradle of Horns
  • added items from the storyline: Bone Rod, Rock Saber
version 1.18 (2018, February 12th):
  • added new units: Blossom Sage Sakura, Verun, Cedona and their TMRs: Sage of Mysidia, Craftsman Secret Book, Uncollapsing Will
  • added new units: Chow, Ang, Yan and their TMRs: Lucky Ingot, Sun Breaker, Lunar Parasol
  • added items from The White Sage and The Magic Cane: Gladiator's Shield, Hammersmith
  • added items from Festival of Love: Flax Shield, Jade Moon Pendant, Jade Sun Pendant, Fiery Passion
version 1.17 (2018, January 26th):
  • added new units: Balthier, Basch, Drace, Vayne, Larsa and their TMRs: Arcturus, Zodiac Escutcheon, Death Trap, Callous Strategist, Imperial Talent
  • added new units: Pyro Glacial Lasswell, Jiraiya, Kaede, Ohga, Otogiri and their TMRs: Azure Crimson Soul, Clan Master's Headband, Samurai Princess's Armor, Broadminded, Doctor's Garment
  • added items from Way of The Warrior: Concealing Cloth, Hidden Chains
  • added items from Elnath: Mace of Zeus, Mace of Zeus - Replica, Man-eater+
  • added items from Yensa Sandsea: Basch's Uniform, Judge Magister Cloak, Spirit Fighter, Spirit Magician
  • added items from Yensa Sandsea - Exploration: Shielded Armor, Wargod's Band, Earth Resistance +20%, Vega+
  • added items from Story Update: Platinum Long Sword, Topaz Ring, Selene Bow
  • added forgotten items: Cloud's Uniform, Ice Resistance +15%
version 1.16 (2018, January 5th):
  • added new units: Christine, Kryla, Tinkerer Carrie and their TMRs: Snowbear, Magic Sanctuary, Tinkererbow
  • added new units: Ray Jack, Kaliva, Barusa, Toby and their TMRs: White Knight's Soul, Unmatched Wizardry, Cowered Courage, Turbulent Evasion
  • added items from Eternal Winter and The Fallen Ice Bird: Frozen Crown, Frozen Hurricane, Hat Arts, Snow Gown, Holiday Bell, Joyful Spirit, Reindeer Hairband
  • added items from Conquerer of Izander Raid Event: Crag Splitter, Grasping Sphere, Lightbringer, Salamander's Gauntlets, Staff of Blizzards, Wing Edges
  • added forgotten items: Drakesong Harp
  • minor bug fixes: Fenrir resistances, some bad/missing images
version 1.15 (2017, December 12th):
  • added new units: Roy, Aura, Guromu and their TMRs: Minstrel's Prayer, Ventus, Tonitrus
  • added new units: Ashteroze, Sandee, Nyalu, Kupolkan, Grinfield and their TMRs: Breath of Rose, Dream Maiden's Oracle, Cat Costume, Crown Staff, Tailor's Scissors
  • added new units: Cloud, Elfreeda, William, Conrad and their TMRs: Buster Style, Marshal Glove, Mage's Resolution, Revolving Saw
  • added esper Fenrir ★★
  • added items from King of Darkness Raid: Angel Wand, Angel Wing, Bellows Arm Guard, Broken Arm, Magic Barrier Device, ZD Helmet
  • added items from FF7 King Mog Event: Poweful, Toughness, Shinra Beta, Nail Bat
  • added items from the Story Update: Platinum Whip, Platinum Musket, Seraphim Shield, Tourmaline Ring
version 1.14 (2017, December 3rd):
  • added new units: Duke, Olif, Mystea, Charie, Ryunan and their TMRs: Dragoon's Pride, Robe of Forgiveness, Barrier Master, Ice headband, Northern Lights
  • added some forgotten items: Lunarian's Hate, Shadow Dragon Scales, Lohengrin, General Offensive, Heavy Drake Armor, Drakeshorn Spear, Carbon Bangle, Garnet Bracelet, Rune Saber
version 1.13 (2017, November 30th):
  • fixed Sportive Ariana's incorrect "Singer's Fortitude" passive ability
  • added new items: Platinum Hammer, Platinum Helm, Platinum Robe, Platinum Lance, Ruby Ring, Gauntlets, Dragon Claws, Hawkeye, Azure Gilet, Glory of Evil, Staff Mastery, Crazy Day, Iron Duke, Fire Resistance +15%
version 1.12 (2017, November 27th):
  • fixed various esper-related issues
version 1.11 (2017, November 23th):
  • added new units: Gladiolus, Cor, Iris and their TMRs: Ziedrich, Loyal Warrior, Moogle Plushie
  • added new items: Cold Defense, Thunder Defense, Thermal Suit, Power Shield
  • added new units: Charming Kitty Ariana, Sportive Ariana and their TMRs: Luxurious Feather Boa, Instrumental Flair
  • added new items: Cheerful Tune, Cloak of Resentment, Evil Pipe, Kitty Headband, Pink Striped Float, Sparkling Heels
version 1.10 (2017, November 10th):
  • added new units: Barbariccia, Rubicante, Cagnazzo, Scarmiglione and their TMRs: Barbariccia's Spirit, Cloak of Flames, Drowned King, Blighted Despot
  • added new items: Glass Mask, Diamond Shield, Hell Claws, Gaia Hammer , MAG +20%
version 1.09 (2017, November 3rd):
  • added new units: Loren, Chloe, Amy and their TMRs: Awesome Swordsman, Proof of Talent, Leichtpanzer
  • added new items: Halloween Hat, Loren's Insignia, Smart Coat, Blind Resistance
version 1.08 (2017, October 30th):
  • added esper Bahamut ★
  • fixed some missing enhancements
  • added new items: Dragon Killer+, Strategist's Ingenuity
version 1.07 (2017, October 22th):
  • fixed Grim Lord Sakura's equipment bonuses with any weapon
  • added some missing images
version 1.06 (2017, October 20th):
  • added new units: Grim Lord Sakura, Pirate Jake, Illusionist Nichol, awakened Black Cat Lid and their TMRs: Reaver, Pirate Jake's Ring, Magical Top Hat
  • added new items: Ulric's Kukri, Necro Dagger, Collar of the Blessed, Reaper's Shaft, Cloak of the Ghoul, Cursed Mouthpiece
  • fixed Zargabaath's (and Grim Lord Sakura's) passives with elemental weapons
  • added batch #7 with enhancements
  • new feature: Unit Encyclopedia
  • new feature: Equipment Encyclopedia
version 1.05 (2017, October 16th):
  • new feature: my stuff management => My Units, My Espers, My Equipment
  • minor CSS design changes
version 1.04 (2017, October 12th):
  • added new units: Nyx, Crowe, Glauca, Libertus and their TMRs: Guard of the Future, Thirst for Survival, Glauca's Greatsword, Kingsglaive Uniform
  • added new items: Assault Rifle, Kingsglaive Hood, Darkness' Foe, Light's Foe
  • fixed the doublehand bug where it takes into calculations esper's stats
  • added the following stats: regen MP per turn, LB fill rate, LB gauge per turn
  • updated feature: Build editing. In the builder editor there is now "Option" dropdown menu with options "Save" and "Save As..."
version 1.03 (2017, October 9th):
  • added missing materia: Full Moon
  • new feature: Build saving
version 1.02 (2017, October 8th):
  • fixed the magic evade bug
  • added the following stats: critical rate, accuracy
version 1.01 (2017, October 6th):
  • added new units: Ayaka, Goken, Silvia, Kamui, Yuri and their TMRs: Pure White Blessing, Training Clothes, Sorcery, Hoemaru, High Spirits,
  • added new items: Pure White Dress, Sturdy Headband
version 1.0 (2017, October 5th):
  • base version
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